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State of art medical devices or technology

Investing in the latest medical devices and technology lead to:

  • Effective results and client satisfaction
  • Increasing the number of follow up clients to continue treatment
  • Cross Selling will be maximized between LAMERA units.
  • Client testimonials will generate more trust in LAMERA medical services, medical team and prices.

‫ ‪LaMera Medical Devices‬


Laser carving textures “US device ..
The best device in melt fat and sculpt textures and holds an FDA
Laser diode technique relies cold did not feel any pain from the use or heat, and can download abdominal circumference and waist for about seven centimeters in two weeks or equivalent as measured in less clothing and with only subject of the use of lasers minutes where they are directed to places fat clusters of forty for a number of six sessions for two weeks divided three sessions every week and has impressive results in America and many parts of the world as well as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States


French device is a device for deep body massage works to improve results Azabh organs fat by stimulating the lymphatic system and lymph to drain fat and can be used with body stretching and localized slimming sessions.

Deep Clean

Is a device used grained crystal minute to peel the skin and stimulate the production of new cells in order to improve the freshness of the face and the treatment of some superficial skin problems


Is a device that uses the best aesthetic medicine techniques which Lafrakhenal C technology or to a laser, which is the best solution for the treatment of scars and acne scars and other surgical scars and, of course, can be used to restore youthfulness to the face after aging and the appearance of some of the effects of skin aging


It is a device to remove permanent laser hair removal, where dual energy technology depends on hair removal which is not a laser diode of others only painful but also plus Alradiofrickonsa
This improves the permanent hair removal results, the number of sessions is determined by the doctor for each case depending on skin type and the nature of poetry.


Is a device that uses a second gas technology of high-purity carbon dioxide is called “Alcarboxi Therapy” in the treatment of dark circles around the eye and Swells, also has impressive results in the treatment of althqakecat that appear in the body “Towncar Stretch Mark” and also the treatment of cellulite and even topical fat, according to each individual case is determined by the number of meetings under the supervision of a physician


Is a device used “radio Frickonsa” Technology is a highly effective treatment to remove scars and renew the skin cells can also be used in the treatment of excessive sweating of the armpit
As well as the treatment of capillaries light some places of the body, is determined according to the number of sessions for each case under the supervision of a physician


Is a device that uses three basic are: radio Frickonsa and Aloltra Sound and Technology Alcreo or cooling techniques and wishes to use these three techniques in carving textures and treat cellulite. Effective manner and you need each case about 12 sessions of 20-40 minutes are diverse and feel better user of the device after the first of three sessions.


Is the latest clinics devices currently holds a US FDA certification and it is used in carving textures and treat cellulite
Using modern laser techniques, in which the user does not feel any heat or suffering It can also be taken on its two weeks or more depending on the circumstances of each individual case It takes from 15 minutes to treat cellulite Or 30-40 in the case of carving textures in accordance with the protocol which will be determined by the doctor